How to keep your child motivated for karate class

Vale la pena leerlo, está en Inglés pero para ello existe el traductor de google. Es una forma sencilla de ver la clase de karate do para los pequeños, sobre todo para los que dicen que ya no quieren entrenar…

Kids That Kick!

Sometimes parents, especially of young children mention to us that their kids complain about coming to class. The parents acknowledge that the kids like the class once they are here, yet the parents worry that they may be losing interest.
In many cases, the child is not telling you he or she doesn’t like the classes. Often, he or she is demonstrating that they are “Present Focused”. At early stages of development, kids are not always able to project their thinking into the future, and weigh the potential for future enjoyment and future benefits. For example, if you offered a young child a dollar now, or twenty dollars in a month, they will often choose the dollar now, and it’s immediate gratification. They have not developed their ability to visualize the goals that they will be achieving in the future. To deal with this, first of all, understand that the…

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